Tecno Panamac Brochure

TECNO PANAMAC offers tailor made solutions from project to production, for customers’ production optimization.


Design and costruction of systems for TUBE CUTTING and PROCESSING MACHINES.

TECNO PANAMAC is a young and dynamic company operating in the field of design and construction of manifacture solutions for tube cutting and processing machines. Located in the North-East of Italy, a crossroads of ancient traditions and new technologies, TECNO PANAMAC has been able to combine this know-how and, in a short time, to reach its targeted goals.

Thanks to its ability to cater to new production trends, TECNO PANAMAC succeeded in developing patents and inventions which have reaped great satisfaction.

TECNO PANAMAC cutting machines are conceived to provide customers with high quality standards, and have been designed and manufactured using special components that are easy to replace, thereby ensuring greater overall reliability. They do not feature hydraulic mechanisms, which translates into lower operating costs and less noise.

TECNO PANAMAC cutting units are employed with sizeable advantages compared to conventional systems, due to their special low noise characteristics, fast production, and flatness and perpendicularity of the cuts, with excellent finishes.

Automatic line for orbital tube cutting