Project Description

Orbital tube cutting machine TR200 main features:

  • Bundle loader with electronic axis to measure the tube.
  • Pipe lock clamp, with bracing clamping inserts to hold the pipe in place and quickly interchangeable.
  • Tool drive with 2 or 4 slides, completely mechanical (patented), controlled by a brushless motor, which allows full stroke management, forward movement, increments and decrements during cutting, via electric microprocessor with controls and touch-screen display.
  • Clamps for alignment tube with Brushless motorization.
Usable tube diameters 70-200 mm
Wheel cutting thickness up to 7 mm (fe37)
Tools cutting thickness up to 45 mm
Cutting length min 10 mm – max 3000 mm
Automatic bundle loader Capacity 3000 Kg

Tecno Panamac cutting machines can be optionally fitted with some special additional devices:

INTERNAL PIPE BLOWER used to remove all residues thoroughly

Electronic BAR STOPPER

UNLOADING DEVICE for good pieces customized depending on the piece

– EVACUATOR UNLOADING for heads – tails



  • with 4 roller feeder, designed to provide an adequate noiseless an efficient automatic slave system, a sit is fitted with an independent feeding system. Its modular design also helps to optimise it to match the required lengths (eg. 4000 mm – 6000 mm – 8000 mm – 12000 mm).


  • with electronic pusher for bar movement.
Several cutting line versions are available:

D for cutting by means of continuous rim discs that allow a fast cutting sequence with no swarf.
U or cutting with the use of cutting tools that remove any swarf. The system performs high quality cuts in terms of finish, flatness and perpendicularity.
Sie for cutting and inner and outer beveling of the pipe.

Cutting systemo WITH TOOLS
This application uses two or four cutting tools for swarf removal. The system performs high quality cuts in terms of finish, flatness and perpendicularity.
Cutting system WITH DISCS
This system executes the cutting sequence in a very short time with no added swarf. The cutting discs also allow a high production output before requiring a new sharpening process.
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Only cutInternal chamferExternal chamferFlatteningFinishing end of the pipeTaperingConingMarkingPiercing